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Sasha Bajac

Sasha Bajac was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (today Serbia), but has spent more than half of his life living abroad.

Sasha speaks English, French, Serbian and can find his way around few other languages.

He spent his high school years preparing for film school. This included reading theory books and spending days in Yugoslav Cinematheque and Slovenian Cinematheque watching classics of cinema. Despite of that he had left his cinematography studies after a year to pursue career in SFX. This further led into the interest in drawing a painting and 3 years of life drawing classes. Finally, Sasha got a BA from an Art School. This education gave him width, he learned to see the light and form, learned about theory of colours and got a base in theory and history of arts on top of the history and theory of film.

After years of wandering, living an alternative lifestyle and being focused on electronic music events, as part of a community that organised them, he decided to take up film again.

Few opportunities arose for him to work as a camera operator on a documentary about India and a camera assistant on his school friendís first feature film. He used these opportunities the best he could. Together with self-education through tireless reading, internet tutorials and working as an apprentice to more experienced colleagues he slowly positioned himself in the Serbian film/TV industry. Since the market there was very small to support a big number of very talented professionals Sasha made a bold step and moved to London where he is living and working today. A new interesting opportunity might get him to relocate anywhere in the world at a short notice.

Competitive market in London made it more challenging and made him push his boundaries, always perfecting his skills and trying to learn more. Being very technical he expanded in to working with stabilisers, building car rigs and flying drones. Still his main tool is light and the lenses.

In his free time, he writes a food blog, enjoys travelling to distant corners of the Earth and still attends a large number of music events of all genres. Wherever his travels take him a visit to all local art museums is a must. One day when he grows too old to hold a camera he might go back to painting.