Sasha Bajac Cinematographer

Corporate/Commercial Works

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Perfectly at Home with Erin Doherty - OKA - DOP

RBM Partnership to End Malaria - 2 billion nets - DOP Europe


We always go to ProTyre TVC - DOP

Everest Keyboard Kickstarter Pitch Video - DOP


Huntsman - A Bespoke Suit - From Head to Tail - DOP


Working in Emergency Medicine at Lister Hospital - DOP

Amazon Advertising - Twinings case study - DOP


I Got A Blonde Buzz Cut | Hair Me Out | Refinery29 - DOP

Soho House: Pioneers Beautystack - DOP

Amazon Advertising - Xaxis Case Study - DOP

HyperLid PPE - Kickstarter Campaign Video - DOP

Amazon Web Service migration in Photobox - DOP


Customer Story: Cintra Payroll and HR services - DOP


How to make Aperol Spritz training video - Weatherspoons - DOP

LIR - Discover Chocolate - DOP

Ultimalt TVC - DOP

RBC - An entrepreneur’s guide to wealth structuring - DOP

HSBC mobile banking - DOP

Deliveroo x Timeout Fried Chicken Fight Club - DOP

Deliveroo x Timeout Battle of the Broth - DOP

A Suit That Fits - Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video - DOP

Soho House: Pinoeers SupaJam - DOP

How Kids Search - Marin One - DOP

Become a Data Scientist Today - DOP

Holiday Inn x LDN Brunch Club - DOP


Why Warmup? - DOP


Ocean Business 2015. - DOP

FIFATV - 2018 FIFA World Cup Team Workshop - DOP

RA - Inside the exhibition: Picasso and Paper 2020. - DOP


Wasps Hospitality at Ricoh Arena - DOP


IR talks to... David Hyams - DOP


Holland and Holland videos - DOP


Social Belly - DOP


TechX Media, Grabble VS Avenue Imperial - DOP


Catalyst EU 2015. Conference - DOP


Samsung Colour Therapy Project - DOP


RJI + Enigma Polo Team - DOP


Nicky Deeley - Catlin Art Prize 2013 finalist - DOP


Diet Chef - DOP


Gearhouse introduces OB Lite - DOP


IR Talks to... Garth Allison - DOP


David De Gea and #PepsiMoji - B Camera Operator


Kun Aguearo and #PepsiMoji - B Camera Operator


SAE Institute Dubai - Talent for Seeing TVC - Camera Operator


RBC - An entrepreneur’s guide to selling your business - DOP

RBC - An entrepreneur’s guide to taking your business to the next level - DOP

Dorchester Hotel staff training video - DOP/gimbal

Soho House Mollie's Hotel - Camera Operator/Gimbal Operator

Soho House Festival 2018 - Gimbal Operator

SOHO FARMHOUSE Food Summit 2018 - Camera Operator/Gimbal Operator